Your Dental Website Only Has 3 Seconds To Impress Your Prospects

Your website should be the linchpin of your dental marketing system. Your social media and your advertising need to direct your prospects to your site. For the vast majority of your dental prospects, your website is the last stop before making a decision to choose you to solve their dental problems.

If your marketing efforts are properly focused, you’ve got prospects visiting your dental website. Great! Now what? The clock is ticking – research shows that a website has just three seconds to get a visitor’s attention.

If your website is burdened with nothing but wall after wall of text, it says, “Nothing to see here.” You won’t hook your prospect’s attention, and they’ll click away to one of your competitor’s sites.

On the other hand, your dental prospects will watch you introduce yourself and your dental practice longer than they would ever stay on your current site – and you’ll be building rapport with them in the process.

But just having a video isn’t enough to convince patients you are the right dentist for them, at least not the patients who are going to help you reach your financial goals. You’ve got to have the right look and feel on your site – creating the perfect brand – to emphasize the services most profitable to you. That’s where you need HIPAA compliant dental website design from the experts at SmartBox.

The Right Dental Patients

It’s not just a question of getting more prospects to your website. Are the right prospects coming to your site at all? Sure, your name sits at or near the top of a Google search for dentists in your area. (It does, right? If not, we can handle that for you, too.) Think that means you’ll convert searches into new patients? Not as many as you would by dominating the entire first page!

Your dental practice may have hundreds or even thousands of Facebook® friends. That’s great. But what percentage ever go to your website? More importantly, how many go on to become patients?

Just having “friends” and “page views” isn’t enough in the modern age of internet marketing. Did you spend money trying to drive people to your social media platforms or website so they could be part of your online “community”?

No, those platforms are supposed to be the means to an end – more patients in your chairs – not an end unto themselves.

Let us show you how SmartBox’s expert, HIPAA compliant dental website design has converted clicks to appointments and page views to patients for our dentists, and how we can do the same for you.


If you’re ready to begin getting the only result that matters from your marketing - more and better patients in your chairs - get started today and schedule your Practice Discovery Session™. They’re free to serious dentists who want to see a Patient Attraction System™ that can double or even triple their practice.