Why Choose SmartBox

How’s your dental marketing firm performing for you? Since you’re visiting this site, the odds are that you’re not getting enough for your marketing spend. To put it another way, your dental marketing isn’t working well enough.

All your needs, All your systems, All under one roof.
Created for dentists, tested by dentists, results for dentists.
Clicks are great, calls are better, butts in the chair are what matters.

Tim Test

Colin Receveur, Founder & CEO

At SmartBox we offer dentists three big promises:

1. We will create results that you would not normally achieve with traditional marketing. Our focus is on positioning you as the “preferred dentist” in your market so that you steadily attract more and better patients. You become the only logical choice for dental prospects.

2. We will hold ourselves and you accountable to the only metric that matters: ensuring your marketing dollars convert into real patients in your chairs.

3. We will carefully invest each marketing dollar for maximum return. Our fully-integrated Patient Attraction System™ economizes your marketing investment, allowing you to get more while spending less.

SmartBox provides our unique patient attraction services for more than 550 dentists on three continents. We can and will help you get the patients you need to grow your practice and to succeed on your own terms.

Schedule a Practice Discovery Session™ and let us show you how being a part of the SmartBox family can change your practice.

Keep Moving Forward,

Colin Receveur Founder & CEO
Colin Receveur, Founder & CEO