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The Patient Attraction Magazine™ includes information we glean from our most successful dentists and pass on to those who want to get to the top. Other information comes from our constant research and analysis of dental industry trends. Every article is completely focused on dental practices and designed to help you attract the patients YOU want.

Yes, We’re Giving It Away FREE To Dentists

SmartBox is the leading patient attraction marketing firm in the country, and a major reason for that is our proven Patient Attraction System™. But we know that not every dentist is ready to become a SmartBox dentist, and we’re okay with that.

We want every dentist to be successful, even the ones we don’t work with.

That’s why we provide valuable information on our website that can help you achieve your goals.

We keep our eyes on the future of dental marketing and dental marketing services so that you can keep your eyes on the future of your practice – a future in which you stop working too hard, spending too much, and getting too little in return.

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