Dr. Max Gotcher, President & Founder Summit Practice Solutions

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Hi my name is Max Gotcher. I have a consulting business consulting with dentists: Summit Practice Solutions. I got to know Colin Receveur quite a few years ago. His dad is actually a dentist and was a client of ours. Over the past several years I had called a couple of times and asked Colin questions about various things but toward the end of the last year I decided I needed to do something different with my website and web presence and search engine optimization and several other things, so I called him and we agreed on what we would do.

Within 4 months we went from being non-existent on Google to being on the first page.

Starting in November last year we started revamping our website and doing some other things and getting involved in Google. Within three to four months we went from being non-existent if you searched Google for dental consultant to being on the first page. We’re still making progress and still moving up and still working on it so it’s been very exciting. We went from selling nothing on the internet to actually selling products now online. I very, very seldom got any contact from my website and now routinely we get calls and emails as a result of people doing web searches and finding us under the category of dental consultant.

Colin is also managing our monthly email newsletter that goes out. I honestly have struggled for years and years with our CRM software called Infusionsoft, and I just never could get past “Go” with it and Colin has taken that over and mastered it so we’re doing some ongoing email campaigns now as well.

All in all I couldn’t say enough positive things about him. I guess probably one of the best things is that he’s just easy to work with. He’s very responsive! I’ve called any number of times in the last few months for a little tweak here or a little tweak there or to change something or to change the wording and he’s always very helpful.

Oftentimes he makes the changes while we’re on the telephone and just says “refresh your page and you’ll see the changes.”

All in all it’s been a very positive experience and I would encourage you to contact Colin if you have any needs for your practice, in terms of dental websites, search engine optimization, newsletters, or just anything related to marketing, especially in this electronic age.

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Google Analytics Reporting 25% Mobile, 700+ Visitors/Month
Searching for “Dental Office Consulting” gives us these great results.
Searching for “Dental Consultant” gives us these great results.
An email between Colin and Max Gotcher