Dr. Walter Hadley, Cosmetic Dentist in Washington State

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It’s easy to blame that on the economy and this and that but we just still felt that we were getting diminished returns on the existing marketing.

The problem is you have a website that’s not bringing results and how to get to where you get good results, because you thought the people that you were using, that have a good reputation, you’ve presumed you’d be getting results and you’re not.

So I started doing research. I knew that I wanted video, I already knew that and had been researching it for some time but how do you get there? I was not satisfied with a local company that didn’t understand dentistry because the experience I’ve had with marketing in the past, when people really know dentistry and really have experience with marketing and there are other people who have used it and it’s worked well for them, well it probably is going to work for me too.

When I found your website and actually I don’t even remember how I found you, but it was a referral from some other trusted practice management person or somebody like that, and I honestly don’t remember who it was. I started researching more and more and it just made sense what you were doing. I already wanted to go there but you’re just so far ahead of my thought curve, it was ready to click, I was ready to move and ready to do something knowing I was about five years behind on updating my website.