Dr. Takacs

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I have done so many things wrong with marketing and things like that, that actually I have hired a marketing specialist. I’ve hired a social media person as part of the practice. We started with working with Facebook. We started with all the other things that are involved with social media, and I believe I got in the mail something from Smartbox, that said we can do this, and I filled this thing out, the survey online, and actually I got a response back from Colin. He looked at my website. He said there are some good things here, but there’s things that I know that we can help you with and improve with. I thought I’m going to give this a try, because you hit every aspect of social media that we need to be on top of, and having the son of a dentist, and having the feedback from the marketing people and the top dentist in our profession give their kudos to what you all do, I felt like I had to join this group.

A lot of these patients’ questions will be answered prior to them coming in, and I know that’s what Colin has said, “Let’s screen them before they come to the practice, so they know that they’re going to the right office,” and that’s what I’m hoping to see, and just an explosion of new patients that want our services.

I’ve been very pleased. Liz works great with Katie, and I’m looking forward to the culmination of what all we’re doing here, and seeing how well it’s going to impact our practices.