Dr. Stiver

We were at a point where we felt like we got a lot of the portions of running a practice down well. It’s just that we wanted to have an opportunity to better market ourselves. We felt like we were incomplete in that area. I wasn’t happy with our website. I didn’t feel like we were generating the new patients we could from the marketing aspect of things.

What we started picking up on SmartBox was that you guys had a way of continually bringing you back to the loop. If you can do that here, then you can help us to do that with our practice as well. Then some of the … I’ve been around long enough that I know some of the old names in dentistry that I respect, Greg Stanley, Mike Abernathy, some of these dentists I have worked with in the past on practice management.

They were very, very highly praise-worthy of SmartBox. That meant a lot to me. It really did. That shows me that they’re recommending their clients come to you guys to help get that next level that you need to hit. I want to be proactive. I want to grow. I want to continue to help out new dentists as I bring them in here and work this practice up.


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