Dr. Sean Hanson

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I like the fact that Colin’s dad was a dentist and that he really only works with dentists because you see a lot of the marketing agencies that do a lot of wonderful web marketing but it’s not necessarily geared towards dentists, it’s just geared toward business in general. I think that that can be good, but I also think that you can miss  something because dental is an interesting niche, and so that was one of the things that really intrigued me.

More patients, obviously. More people in the door. Grow the business to the point where we have two or three doctors working spread out across six days, and multiple hygienist, and really just growth in general to a point where in five, to six, seven, eight years I don’t necessarily need to work as much, and we still have the same type of patient flow. That I’m not really worrying about my website, that it’s of its own entity, is its own beast. You guys do a good job of staying up to date and so I don’t think our website will ever be at a point where it’s out of date.

That’s one of the things that I found with my old website was that we did it, and it was great, and it was inexpensive, and two years later it wasn’t anything. It was just there. I didn’t realize how much needs to go into a website all the time and it’s just too much for somebody to do who owns a small business. I think any real small business where they need to be involved, if all you do is web stuff all day long because you’re a web-based business, then maybe you could do it yourself, but I just don’t think that it’s something that any dentist should do on their own.