Dr. Porter

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I’ve had other companies represent me on the internet, and usually it’s done by phone. An interview real quick, and they throw something together that’s probably like twenty other websites out there. I felt like SmartBox has really tried to get to know me the best that they can through different questionnaires but mostly through talking to me over the phone, visiting me in my hometown, seeing what the demographics are here, and so I think that they’ve certainly been the most thorough.

My expectations are certainly, I think, changing often, but really, I want flexibility. If I want to practice less days per week, which I think at some point I will, I believe SmartBox is going to be able to help me do that. If it’s to bring on some type of an associate, I think that SmartBox is going to be able to help me in that direction as well, too. It’s really helping me gain control of what I want to do rather than things being dictated to me.