Dr. Mitchel Friedman

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I’ve been with the SmartBox now since 2003. So far what I like is it’s automated a lot of things I wasn’t able to do, and to further test, and to be able to verify things are working, or things need to be improved.

I started on with a program on the radio. For the first three years those spots were incredible. Then they started falling off. Then we started playing with more offers, different offers, different information and it just kept going down. No matter what we did, we couldn’t do it. That’s what’s been terrific about SmartBox is a lot of the programs that I had to personally do, or had someone in the office responsibility for doing, SmartBox is able to automate for us and it’s just done.

Before SmartBox our case size was $25,000 per new patient. It was consistent that for almost four years. Since SmartBox it had quickly grown to now $31,000 which is really terrific. We are everywhere now. We’re everywhere on the web. We’re covering the first page of Google. The top line is the SmartBox website. SmartBox is able to do that to get us to the number one. They just can’t move without seeing Newman Springs Dental care and that’s what I want to have.

It’s been really great working with Colin Receveur and his team at SmartBox.