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Dr. Michael Abernathy: “Very few dental websites actually generate new patients.”

You know we see this a lot when we talk to dentists all around the country: they put their dental website together ten or twelve years ago, whatever it was, and then time gets by and you don’t update it. They begin to look dated and people notice that when they go to your dental website and look at it. I guess there’s good news and bad news in that. If they’re still going to your dental website and you haven’t done anything to it in a lot of years that’s a problem. Very few dental websites actually generate business for the dentist, and that’s the kind of thing that Colin and SmartBox are able to accomplish for your dental practice.

More and more dental websites are accessed through mobile applications. Older dental websites don’t do that.

The types of branding that your practice would have are reflected in the photographs, the pictures, the marketing, the things that you have in your website. But even more than that, your marketing ties really intimately into your website. You’re driving people there, there needs to be a consistency, a continuity with external marketing, internal marketing, and your dental website. Colin is able to put the whole package together, and that’s probably the biggest difference in this company and some of the companies that we’ve worked with before.

We never endorse anything. The only time we ever endorse anything is when we get feedback from our own clients and it’s doing well. That or we try it ourselves, and Colin started working on our website maybe four or five months ago and it went from unrecognized in a Google search, if you searched ‘dental consultant’ it never came up, to now we’re on the first page and working our way up on the first page.

That’s another thing that doctors and dental practice need to recognize is it’s really not enough just to have a dental website, because people won’t search very long for your website. It’s important to have it highly ranked so that it comes up on page one and is as close to rank number one on page number one as you can get. That’s certainly something that Colin and SmartBox are able to accomplish for dental practices.

Your dental website must open quickly and address the things that patients are really concerned about. Colin’s done so many with so many doctors. It’s funny because it seems like every time you turn around there’s somebody that will do dental websites. I don’t care if it’s your 12 year old or a college graduate… but this is different, this is an investment.

And the other side of things, the search engine optimization, I know doctors are bombarded with that from all corners of the earth, and since they’re confused and since there are so many options out there, what most of them end up doing is nothing which is a mistake.

This is somebody you can trust to do that.

Another important aspect of dental marketing, which is I think more and more crucial, is to be able to track where the new patients come from. Regardless of what advertising and marketing methodologies you use, it’s important to track them so you know that the money you’re spending is being well spent and what kind of return on investment you’re getting. One of the great products that Colin has is a way to track those by assigning different phone numbers to each one of those and then providing analytical data on a very timely basis so you can decide if you want to continue with a certain marketing effort, is it paying off, is it doing well, or do you need to take that money and put it in another place.

Automatically being able to drip on a dental patient through your website is just awesome.

The metrics and analytics that they supply to find out where the patients came from, what they want, the types of offers that attract them. Being in a marketplace, it’s not just in Texas where we are, but all over the United States makes a huge difference because it’s different from area to area. When you start getting these cookie-cutter little deals that they charge you just a small fee upfront, you’re getting what you pay for, which is absolutely nothing.

I have to say this and I’ll point a finger at you Max, I actually had people say our website kind of sucked. It doesn’t suck anymore. We’re as guilty as the next person; it’s easy to get comfortable.

I can tell you too that it’s made a big difference just in the last four or five months. We’ve actually had people buying things through the website, we’ve actually had people calling and asking questions because they’re able to find us now on the website and they weren’t able to find us before.

I think there’s one other area that they do really well. A lot of people come in, go to a website and they’re gone. Well guess what? Problems arise, questions need to be answered, we need to know if we’re not getting what we want out of a website what kind of changes we need to make. It doesn’t take a huge investment, it can be added to, it can be incremental.

Being able to pick up the phone and call somebody that you can say, “Colin, I need some help”, and they pick up the phone is awesome.

“Hold for line one for sales, hold for line two for support with software” it’s just not like that. It’s an individual who actually comes from a dental field, has a little genetics going in there from dad being a dentist, so it’s a huge, huge difference. We highly recommend them. You’ve got nothing to lose, all you have to do is give them a call, all you have to do is look them up on the internet and let them show you what they can do for you.

I guarantee you, you’re going to like the product, you’re going to like the cost, and you’re going to like the service.

We’re kind of putting our reputations on stake here, I think they’re filming this, so give them a call and try. The best way to do it is just to go online and look at it, it’s smartboxdentalmarketing.com.

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