Dr. Matthew Burton

The return on investment is great. I think SmartBox has done a great job of generating phone calls to the practice, no question about that. I think the video and photo is cutting edge, and it was cutting edge 18 months ago, and still, there’s not as many of my colleagues doing that. I think, certainly, Colin’s committed to stay current and up to date on the ever-changing world of online marketing.

The return on investment is a no-brainer for me when a lifetime value of a new patient at a dental office is thousands of dollars. You get a few new patients per month that you were not getting before, then it pays for itself right there. Everything else is gravy.

Our new patients are up markedly from when our website went live. I can track back and see an extra, it started out as five or ten, now it’s more like an extra ten or fifteen, twenty more new patients than we were getting prior to our agreement, or our working relationship, with SmartBox. I know, unequivocally, that that website is attracting people and generating phone calls, and then it’s our job to turn those phone calls into visits. It’s definitely working, no question about it.

I think that the greatest service that SmartBox has added recently is having SmartBox’s team listen to and grade our phone calls. That really eliminates a lot of time for me. I don’t have time to go back and listen to all the phone calls. Ninety percent of them are “change my appointment” or do something simple and just not a valuable use of time. If I have your team kind of highlighting these calls, “Here’s the ones you’ve got to listen to…” We can grow from that. We can get better answering or fielding those calls, and I can do nothing but help drive new patients in the future.


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