Dr. Leath

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Our marketing had a hole in it with online presence. We were on fourth page of Google, and that wasn’t going to fly. We’re in such a competitive market here that it’s hard for us to maintain steady new patient flow without having online presence, and that’s where SmartBox came in. I jumped online, did some research, got to the website, and realized that there were other dentists involved with SmartBox that got tremendous results. When I got a direct mailer from SmartBox, it showed a picture of a Lamborghini. That kind of caught my attention. Go from zero to 200 miles an hour quickly.

I actually met Colin at a seminar down in McKinney, Texas. I introduced myself to him and he had some great marketing ideas with drip marketing and having a powerhouse team to do the online presence, the SEO with Google, and doing online drip marketing. Incredibly easy, working with SmartBox. They guide you, they guide you along through the first time you call them to where we’re sitting in a chair here. They guide you through the process.