Dr. Kiehl

One of the biggest goals for me is just maintaining a really good, robust new patient flow to the office of quality new patients. I’ve third some other programs over the years, some direct mail, some Valpak, things like that. I was seeing just a degradation of quantity and quality of patients that I’ve been seeing. With an office of this size, we have four doctors here so I need to maintain a good flow of new patients. That’s one of my primary goals with Smart Box.

I had heard about Smart Box … I think initially just had received some emails and looked at the things that Colin [Receiver 00:44] had put together regarding marketing in a dental practice. You guys have put together the program that I’ve been trying to put together myself for the last three or four years. I’ve tried some Infusionsoft marketing on my own and found it very difficult to put all that together. When I saw what Smart Box was doing, I was really blown away by it. You had that solution right there that I could just tap into.


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