Dr. Katie Post

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Since 2002 to 2008, my practice was slowly growing. Unfortunately when you looked at the total collections for the practice, it had been at 2.1 million when I came and slowly had dropped every year, and the year I bought in, it was at 1.8 million. One of the things that I really felt is that with my generation, when you see a billboard or you see a TV commercial, what do you do? You Google that thing, and you look it up. Our website was not mobile-friendly.That’s when we switched to SmartBox because SmartBox could make our website mobile-friendly.

SmartBox has been very instrumental in the growth of our practice going from 250 to 300 to 350 new patients per month, contributing ideas to us on marketing techniques, helping us evaluate the effectiveness of how much money I’m spending, and where I should effectively spend that to make it the most effective. They’re doing way more than just a website.

Number 1 with SmartBox is every time I have a question, I call, and I immediately get a response. My marketing guy, which I am more than welcome to be a part of that phone call, has a personal phone call where he talks to Jason every week. I feel like we’ve gotten a lot of good marketing ideas from SmartBox. A lot of ones that we already were learning from other resources, but resources I was paying a lot more money for.