Dr. John K. Argeros, Sedation Implant Dentist in Massachusetts

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Right now everyone wants to be contacted or stay in contact and it’s not the way that we used to do it before. Everything now is either text or digital, you know, internet, that’s what people want. Some older people maybe not, but remember now we’re building this practice not only for my age and older but for my partner Dawn’s age and younger to keep the practice going. Those people, they look at the internet, they look at things coming to them continually, being notified about this, they like that, they want to be kept abreast of things and they want it in the format they want it which is not really in the mail or anything anymore. It’s all on the web.

“Our marketing needs, after our website”

What I wanted is, the term I’m going to use is [Infusionsoft], I know that’s a company but that’s one thing I wanted to do. I wanted to have the ability to have the telephone number monitored which you offered.

“Our dental web marketing needs”

I wanted to have that. I wanted to have the ability to get better placement on search engines, I wanted to have video capabilities of our own staff and do that on our own, and I wanted to be able to communicate quickly as far as changes in the website. I will say that the other one, it’s not difficult and things like that, but there’s a very structured format that we have to maintain and I wanted to start to get out of that a little bit and get into a little different format, albeit using some of those ideas but then work on stuff ourselves.

“The importance of custom video on our website”

Well Colin, you know when we first spoke, we had a website going down and I’d been noticing the amount of video that’s on different websites, not necessarily ours, and I wanted to get involved with that. How many YouTube things go out every day? 70,000 or some crazy number like that? That’s what people want. I wanted to be able to do that on my own terms. I didn’t want all stock videos. They’re okay, I’m not against them, but if you have your own patients doing that it’s a lot more believable. I remembered talking with you a few years ago when your father and I were in James’ group and then you started to do some web work and things like that and James recommended you, so I thought that maybe I’d take a look at that. Also placement on Google and things like that and other search engines, that interested me and who can do that, who can handle that and watch over that? I thought you folks would be the people to do it.

“What was our video shoot like?”

I must say I try to stay out of the way and I did not go to the door or anything, but I couldn’t see anything. Getting the ladies, I think we had what 12, we had a bunch come in through and we had the 10 patients on time and actually a little early at the end, that was impressive. I really thought we would have some difficulties either with getting all the staff videos in or maybe a late arriving patient or two which didn’t prove to be it but it worked out fine. Very pleased with it.

“Things went smoother than I thought”

Well Colin I’ll tell you, I think that overall things went very well. I appreciate all of you and the work that you’ve done and I must say that it went smoother than I thought it would. As you had mentioned to Nancy usually something goes wrong and of course I was up here with you fellas so you’re going to be the judges but from my point of view it went well.

“Why I chose SmartBox Web Marketing”

I looked around, I checked out some of the references that we had been sent by our group and I liked what I saw. I knew you somewhat, I remember your first work with your father and James and I go back quite a while and if was touting what you were doing I was going to listen. So that’s pretty much it.