Dr. Hanson

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We had, probably 20-30 (new patients), maybe 40 before SmartBox per month. Last month, we almost hit 70. We were at 69. Before that, our highest total was 57. Definitely, we’ve seen the influx of new patients. Without SmartBox, we wouldn’t have the web presence that we have, which it sounds like a lot of the calls that are coming in are coming in from the website because they’re using the website phone number. Clearly, people are getting to our website some way or another. I think that that’s definitely a big thing that SmartBox was able to do for us.

The future would be another doctor or two. Obviously, more hygiene, more days. Friday and Saturday would be ideal. I think that that’s part of the market that we have yet to tap into. The fact that we’re getting 70 new people a month that are still willing to come and see us on a Monday through Thursday type deal, which I know isn’t ideal for most people, means that we’re doing something right, and you guys are doing something right because we’re driving people to our door who want to come in and will make an adjustment to their schedule to come and see us and make it a priority.

If we grow to that point, I will be able to spend more time away from the office, and that’s really my biggest thing. Not that I don’t like working and not that I don’t like my job, but if I know that I have good doctors here and good hygienists and good staff members, then if I’m here I’m just another pair of hands. Ultimately, I can go and take a week vacation with my kids and take them to Europe or go somewhere farther away than just California. That is ultimately the goal: that I’m not spending my 40s and 50s slaving away doing dentistry.