Dr. Fuesting

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I’m getting to a point where I would like to bring somebody else into my practice to do some of the other things. I would like to spend my time doing more of what I enjoy. I really enjoy the implants and the sedation industry. I’m not quite to retirement age but I’d like to start doing more of what I want, and Smart Box is a way of maybe helping me pull in those types of patients. I think probably I first was exposed to it maybe a year and a half or two years ago. The timing just wasn’t right for everything at that point. I’ve been impressed by what you guys have had. I’ve also gone the other websites and saw some of the clients that you had [in light 00:43]. I signed up for different things and went through the thing. I was just really impressed with that. Also, the quality of video that you guys have on the sites and stuff, I really like that. I’ve tried to do some of our patient testimonials and stuff and it’s not near the same quality that you have. I think that’s excellent. I think from what I’ve seen, you guys are doing a great job. You’ve got the right ideas and you’re following through on them.