Dr. Fox

My goal is to have an outstanding, exceptional practice. I feel like we’re on our way, but nothing’s ever perfect. I think we’re definitely on the way to that, but there’s so many aspects to running a really good dental practice. I think today marketing and a good website presence is crucial. People don’t look in the yellow pages anymore. The mailers are iffy if they work. The website is everything. I saw Colin and maybe saw an advertisement that he did. I think what it was is he advertised his book. I got his book and started reading it. I got through maybe 70 or 80 pages and said this is it. I don’t even need to read the rest of the book. I told my son Eric about it. We get lots of new patients. A lot of them are insurance-driven. We’ll get people that will come maybe  once or twice or come and don’t really need very much dentistry. Obviously we would like to do the full mouth reconstructions and the bigger cases. That was my understanding that the way that Smart Box would market us, that there would be an opportunity for patients to look at our website and see that these are the go-to guys for implants, and full mouth reconstruction, and veneers, and cosmetic cases. That’s what’s important to us and that’s what we’re trying to achieve, is those better quality patients.

I’m not all that savvy on the internet with marketing and things like that. I just know that’s not my thing. I liked what Colin had to say. We got in touch with Smart Box and felt like we needed to make that change so we left our other marketing expert and turned to you guys, and we’re happy we did.


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