Dr. Donald Plourde, Cosmetic Dentist in Boston

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I think that currently one of the biggest referrals for us, for dentists now is becoming internet related. People are searching the internet for their healthcare providers to find out more about them and that’s why we contacted you to make sure that we had a website that answered a lot of people’s questions and hopefully helped them make a decision to make an appointment here.

“What skepticism did I have before choosing a marketing company?”

I think there’s always a little bit of skepticism to see if something’s going to work for you, but once we’d seen some of the other websites that you’ve developed you can see how well done they are and I think they are an advantage to patients looking for a practice.

“Patients want answers when they search”

People when they’re searching for a provider they usually have a lot of questions and we try to have a comprehensive website that will answer most of those questions for them.