Dr. David Maloley

I like to surround myself with the best because I know the most costly information is bad information and I know that most costly marketing is bad marketing. Marketing that works always pays for itself, so that’s why I reached out to you; I knew that you were on the top of the game and you had helped lots of other practices out. So that’s what started the conversation.

The other thing that comes into play right now is that I’ve been tracking this for a long period of time. My radio results have fizzled over time, my print results have fizzled over times. The two things that really provided all the flow of patients to my practice last year was the internet and referrals. My thought process for 2014 was scratch what’s not working and double down on what is working. For me, it was an obvious choice to connect with you and all of you insights on marketing because I know that from becoming a student of direct response marketing, I know what good marketing looks like.

Now I can’t always come up with the ideas, I’m not skilled enough, so sometimes I have to outsource or pick people’s brains or see it already done. I had seen it done through your work and I knew it was good quality work. Probably the thing that is most important to me, if I’m sending my son to a doctor, I want him to see a pediatrician. If my son has a severe eye problem, I want him to see a pediatric opthamologist. So I feel that that specialized knowledge is so valuable, and knowing that you had a background in dentistry, not as a student but actually growing up in the industry, that’s stuff you can’t teach. Those seeds are planted at a young age. I think there are a lot of things that are coming into play there. What I would say is, Google replacing Yellow Pages, the access to all information. I know you know a fair amount about Gary Vaynerchuk, like the consumer has won forever. They have a louder voice and more resource with all the information out there, so I want to provide that for them and I want to use the most effective medium possible.

To be able to put evergreen content out there, and if you have an abscess at one o’clock in the morning and you have resources there that you know who you’re going to see at eight o’clock in the morning – I feel that’s just part of the information agency to provide. There’s so many things that come into play; that’s when you become the trusted advisor because they’re giving information when they’re ready. It’s kind of being transparent and authentic and making sure that they know who I am as a dentist but they know who I am as a human. I know I’m not everyone’s dentist but the patients that I connect with I think really adore that we do what we say and that we follow through on our promises and that we consistently try to over deliver.

Having the reviews out there, I just think that time has come and to ignore that is at your own peril. That’s the name of the game is you find people that have already been through it and you seek their insight as opposed to beating your head against the operatory door for a year, five years, ten years. Because what does every dentist want? They want to do the dentistry that they want to do, not because they have to do it and get on a treadmill.


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