Dr. David Bistritz

I’m solo practitioner, I run my office, and I manage my office. It’s a journey. It’s a journey in business. It’s a journey in skill. Marketing is a very, very important part to it. Some people treat just a narrow part of marketing equation. You can have somebody do this, somebody do this and they may be conflicting. I felt that Colin and his company takes care of everything to a level that I just had to say, “Listen, if I’m serious about this, I got to take this leap of faith.” I’m very happy that I did.

I am eagerly concerned, If I’m going to be creating a tremendous flow how am I going to handle it? I may have to move to a larger location and incorporate another dentist. I’ve been all these years by myself and sometimes I ask myself do I want all that headache? I feel as a business owner I can’t hold back the business if there’s opportunity to grow. As far as future of growth and possibly retiring, I have to have a somewhat viable business to give over to somebody. That’s been part of the whole decision. It’s been my hands and my hands only, and I’m looking to possibly change that.


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