Dr. Arthur Laos

If somebody already knows how to do this, then bring them in. Integrate that into the practice, and take all of the things that we are currently doing well, and then move forward. That’s the thing that kind of brought us to you guys. We really felt that that was something – that you provided a service that we’ve kind of seen people kind of try to do out there. You know, it’s all about SEO and all this, but it’s like – no – it’s about a lot more than that. We really felt that you guys provided that full – You touched on all the bases. You just didn’t touch on pieces of it, and you kind of provided it as a complete – just like I try to do when I’m fixing somebody’s mouth – you looked at the complete picture. Not just at this little thing here and this little thing, but how does it all fit together? And there again – not just short term but long term – and reaching out to as many people as possible. That was the thing that I think attracted Carol and I the most.

I’ve been doing dentistry for over 30 years. Still love doing it, but ultimately I don’t want to – I’m still doing it 40 to 50 hours a week, and with your own practice that requires another probably five – You know, I have 50 plus hour work weeks. I don’t want to do that anymore. I would love to get down to a 40 hour work week. And then, ultimately, my goal is to get down to a 30 hour work week, and I’m really astounded by just the things that we reading on SmartBox. This stuff is like – that sounds like that’s going to be like a slam dunk.


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