Dr. Argeros

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The thing that I like is that I get to either indirectly get information from Colin every day. In the morning I come in, I put on my computer, and I usually get an email from him in one of his web podcasts. I look at that and see what he has to say about different trends in web marketing. Then if I want to step into any of those, I can just call up and speak with my representative now and make those changes. We see a steady increment of growth. We see the ability to keep up with what’s going on in web marketing without really having to go pretty far. Every day it’s brought to my office so I can review it in the morning and make my decision as to how I want to proceed. We figure if they’re going to go to the website, they’re going to see what SmartBox has to offer, the way they’ve put the website together, but they’re picking up the phone to call us, then we’re pleased with them. We’re happy that’s the way it’s going and we’ve done well with it.