Corey Hurcomb

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Really, you want to be comfortable with the person you’re doing business with. It comes down to that. For SmartBox, what really was interesting tome was to see that you can set it up until the person feels like you’re an expert. They look at it from a holistic approach. It’s not just search and optimization, it’s not just pay per click, it’s not just the website revisions, not just SEO, it’s not just social media. It’s the whole combination.

I think some of the chirp marketing type of stuff where you keep in constant contact with the person gives you that feeling that, “OK. This person isn’t just going away. It wasn’t the one and done type of thing.” You know and we hear all the statistics. It’s like, you need eight points of contact at least before somebody feels comfortable like, “OK. Maybe this person actually does know what they’re talking about.”

Then the return on the investment. That’s the big part. Its’ the old adage, “Whatever you want to improve, you need to measure.” That was kind of what Collin had been saying. Part of it is the tracking number so you get an idea of how many people are actually finding you from an online presence.

We’ve started that before the website went live so we can kind of see what the differential is. It’s kind of surprising to me already to see how many people just find you on Google. It’s like, “If you’re not on Google, then you’re not listed, you’re not anywhere.” We had done no marketing. We’ve done pretty well with new patients because it’s a good location, but it’s like, “Are you attracting the right patients?” That’s where it comes down to for me.

I think every body that we’ve had contact with has been very responsive and yeah, I feel like we’re in good hands.