“Finding the Best Work/Life Balance” with Colin Receveur and Dr. David Maloley

Hi, SmartBox Web Marketing Founder and CEO Colin Receveur here, and I recently recorded a special audio-only podcast with Dr. David Maloley from Avon, Colorado, in the Vail Valley.
Dr. Maloley, who runs a podcast of his own called “The Relentless Dentist,” is a SmartBox client who has a remarkable life story and outlook on life.
Dr. Maloley spent the first half of his life in a small Nebraska town where her grew up in house where he could see homes of other family members from his own home. He went to a two-room schoolhouse. It was a very traditional upraising that included seeing adults work six and seven days per week.
Going to dental school, time in the military, and living in Europe changed his perspective on work/life balance. It helped him overcome his workaholic tendencies.
Now he lives where other people vacation, working four days a week and skiing whenever possible with his preschool-aged son. He does it in a market saturated with dentists by staying current in his dentistry and his marketing.
His wife’s near-death experience was a “slap in the face” to savor the moment and to live in the present. Now, he wants to share that message with other dentists.
Do you want to be a grandparent who tells the grandkids not to make the mistakes you made, or do you want to tell the stories about the awesome things you did?
What would you do with more patients, more profits, and more freedom? Would you spend more time with your family? More time exploring the world? Would you be able to live in the moment?

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