“Disney, Dental Marketing, And What They Don’t Teach You In School,” with Colin Receveur and Dr. Jeff Anzalone

With so much competition in the market, many dentists struggle to differentiate themselves from other practices. By failing to set yourself apart, you are losing patients to the practices that do.

Are you …

… losing patients as a solo practitioner because you don’t have strong enough branding to fight off the invasion of corporate dental chains?

… wondering why enough of the right patients aren’t drawn to your practice?

… struggling to maintain an enthusiastic staff?

… unable to stay in touch with your patients outside of their office visits?

… trying to handle marketing efforts in-house with tactics that seem to go nowhere?

… unable to grow your practice the way that you want?

In this special podcast, periodontist and dental marketing expert Dr. Jeff Anzalone tells dentists how a trip to Disney World increased his patients – and profits – exponentially. Dr. Anzalone, author of What They Don’t Teach You in Dental School, took some of Disney’s core business principles and applied them to his dental practice located in Monroe, La. – a place you may know for the popular show “Duck Dynasty.” As a result, his practice stood out head and shoulders above others, and he became the go-to specialist in his area.

Today, Dr. Anzalone reveals how YOU can apply Disney’s secret business principles to your practice and gain the upper hand. He flat-out gets it. He saw his father’s business get swallowed up by corporate chains and found a way to avoid suffering a similar fate. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How one critical mistake will keep you from standing out among other dentists and corporate practices.
  • How your current hiring practice is bringing in the wrong employees – and ultimately losing patients.
  • The Magical Express Bus principle: How to “precondition” your patients into choosing you – before they even arrive at your office.
  • Why offering what your patients expect can hurt your practice.
  • How applying 1 short-term Disney World practice will keep your patients coming back.
  • How you can condition baby-boomers to choose your practice.
  • How you can retain your existing patients, and keep them from fleeing to another office.
  • How you can harness your patients’ emotions and turn them into profits for your practice.

By creating a culture that exceeded guests’ expectations, Disney World beat out its competition to become the most popular theme park in the world. The employees, many of whom are making minimum wage, have bought into the message and focus on the guest’s experience.

Colin and Dr. Anzalone walk you through Disney’s most important principles of success so that you, too, can beat back corporate dentistry and become the most talked-about dentist around.

To hear the surprising ways Disney can improve your business, listen to the podcast

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