Dentists Should Give It A Rest, Already

A dentist’s professional life expectancy is often determined by his or her back and neck. Long hours spent hunched over the chair shortens many a dental career, so it make sense that dentists should get the maximum financial return for each hour in the practice. And yet, far too many dentists are still working too hard, for too long, for too little. That might not be you. If your practice is going gangbusters, thank your lucky stars. Or your marketing. The difference between working too hard and too long, versus working a reasonable number of hours for good compensation, comes down ...

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Why Aren’t You Enough for Your Dental Practice?

Do you have days when you feel like you’re on a treadmill? There’s that “running as fast as I can to stay in one place” sensation. You’re seeing 15 or 20 patients a day, you’re working as hard as you can, and you’re not really getting anywhere. Your bank account is hovering around the same figure. You’re not able to increase your retirement savings the way you’d like. You may not be able to give your staff the kind of raises they deserve without scrimping somewhere else. I know from talking with thousands of dentists that feeling like you’re not getting anywhere ...

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