Why You’re Losing New Dental Patients
Why You're Losing New Dental Patients

  If you’re a dentist who has never looked at your new dental patient numbers in your dental website marketing and asked, “What am I doing wrong?”, you should count yourself as being very fortunate. The vast majority of dentists have ebbs and flows in their new dental patient stream. That’s just the nature of business of any kind; demand for services or products isn’t a constant. But if you’re hitting more dry spells than gushers, there may be something wrong with how you’re going about attracting to get new dental patients to your practice. Once is coincidence. ...

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Dental “Magic Marketing Bullets” Miss The Mark

There’s always someone out there who is willing to sell you the “latest and greatest” marketing technique. And there are always dentists who will rush to buy the latest bright, shiny object, usually because what they’re doing with their marketing isn’t working well enough. People who are drowning will grasp at any lifeline, no matter how unlikely or frail it may be. The Rush Is On You only have to follow the news to understand just how often companies rush products and services to market. Usually, that approach uncovers any number of problems with those companies’ offerings ...

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The “Voice of the People” Can Be Bad News For Dentists

Is your image of a consumer someone who uncritically chooses the goods or services that businesses offer? You’d better rethink that, because the rise of “consumerism” is changing the face of commerce. Take smart phones as an example. Every new phone has a huge marketing push, and some people seem to be compulsive adopters of the “latest and greatest.” Most other people, however, will wait for the independent reviews to come in from the first adopters. Based on comparability in features and price, it's likely that cell phone coverage, phone reliability, and user-friendliness will ...

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Can Dentists Survive Without Insurance Reimbursement?

According to the ADA, private insurance was the single largest source of payment for dentists in 2015, amounting to more than 41 percent. That’s both good news and bad news. It’s good news because your dental patients and prospects aren’t reliant solely on their own financial resources to obtain dental care. It’s bad news because dental insurance reimbursements are continually being squeezed. In the face of declining reimbursements, dentists as a group tend to make up the lost revenue by advertising lower prices. Essentially, they’re trading quantity for quality. But all ...

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Why Don’t Your Dental Prospects Know Your Name?

One of our SmartBox staffers used to live in the small town of Worland, Wyoming. Before you run a search or reach for an atlas, Worland is in north-central Wyoming, roughly in the middle of the Bighorn Basin, and boasts somewhat over 5,000 inhabitants. Search “dentist worland wyoming” on Google, and you’ll discover that there are 11 dental offices with Worland addresses. That’s in a small town and it represents a lot of competition for a relatively small patient pool. You probably don’t live in a town the size of Worland, but if you extrapolate the results to larger cities, ...

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Will Gum Disease Treatment Remain a Viable Revenue Stream?

There’s big news in the ongoing battle against gum disease. In October, 2016, it was announced that researchers had succeeded in sequencing more than 40 master regulator genes that are thought to be causative in periodontal disease. In the short run, this development won’t change the practice of periodontal treatment. Longer-term, it opens the door to the development of not only better treatment compounds but potentially to one or more vaccines against gum disease. And that’s a game-changer that you’d do well to take into account in your long-term planning. Dentistry is ...

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Dentists in Rural Areas Aren’t Safe for Long

Hardly anyone says, “As Nebraska goes, so goes the nation,” but dentists would do well to keep a closer eye on events in the Cornhusker State. The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) has received a $4 million dollar grant to expand the availability of dental services in rural Nebraska areas. The length of the grant is 10 years. According to the dean of UNMC’s College of Dentistry, the grant will be used to provide scholarships for graduates from rural areas, to increase patient services in those areas, and to enhance service delivery through technology. There are ...

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How’s That Monthly Dental Advertising Thing Going?

I’ve met many dentists who can’t escape that “hamster on a treadmill” feeling. They’d prefer to spend more time solving patients’ dental problems. Instead, they have to take time away from clinical practice every single month to figure out their advertising for the next month. This is not why dentists spend four years in dental school. Not only that, marketing wasn’t on the curriculum. Not only is a traditional advertising approach annoying to dentists, its value is questionable. Dentists advertise on price, specials, coupons, and availability. So does every other dentist ...

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Demand Dental Marketing Proof

The renowned Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.” That holds true when it comes to the claims made by some dental marketing firms. Most dental marketing companies are reputable. They’ll paint a realistic picture of what their efforts can achieve for you. If you’re considering a reputable company, you know upfront what the likelihood of success is. Of course, that won’t stop you from hoping for more. Unfortunately, reputable is not the same as effective. However, there are other dental marketing companies that make wildly exaggerated ...

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Don’t Fall for Dental Marketing Scams

I’ve been in this business for a while now, and I’ve seen just about every kind of dental marketing. Some of it’s not bad, some of it’s pretty good, and some of it is overblown hype. You may have received a badly-written marketing email essentially implying that the company that sent it knows better than anyone else what works to attract a certain kind of dental case. Bull. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Those kinds of claims are overblown hype, and dentists should be careful not to get taken in by them. With the incredible access to information that all of us have these via ...

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