The Turkey Day That Was

I hope you had a really enjoyable Thanksgiving, however you chose to spend it. Like you, I’m a small business owner, and the demands on my time are huge. I’m sure you understand. Add to that, I spend quite a bit of time traveling. SmartBox has grown incredibly fast over the last two years, and I’m grateful to each and every one of our clients and readers for that. In all, though, I sometimes wonder how well I’m balancing running a successful business with spending time with family and friends. Maybe you do, too. This isn’t a blog post to promote our patient attraction ...

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Do What You Love AND Succeed

Two well-known marketing experts recently claimed that dentists should build a practice that lets them spend less time with their hands in people’s mouths and more time trying to get in their wallets. Those guys are missing the mark. If a dentist wants to bring in big money, does he or she have to give up working on patients to focus on marketing? Think about this for a minute: You’re a dentist, and you want to make more money for your family. Or you want to spend less time in the office without giving up your lifestyle. Those other guys’ solution? Spend less time focusing on ...

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