Why You’re Bleeding Dental Prospects

Having trouble watching this video? Click here. Patient Attraction Episode 1116 You might think you’re getting a good number of new dental patients from your marketing. But have you ever wondered how many prospects you’re not getting? That includes prospects who are going to your competition because they’re not finding you online. Or because your online marketing just doesn’t answer their questions or give them reasons to choose you. Or because you need more consistency in how you approach the issue of attracting new dental patients. After the break, I’ll tell you how to gain ...

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Dentists Who Publish a Book Stand Out

One of the biggest problems that dentists face today is the presumption of competence. That might sound like a nonsensical statement, but it’s true. Dentists are viewed as advanced-degreed professionals and, as such, they’re presumed to be competent. In the minds of your prospects, one dentist is a basically as good as another. That’s a problem when you’re trying to attract higher-value cases. The fact that you’re a dentist does nothing to differentiate you from any other dentist. You can’t count on completion of postgraduate training to help you stand out. The vast majority ...

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Why Aren’t Dentists More Social on Social Media?

It’s amazing how long some traditions hang on. It’s even more amazing why almost nobody thinks to question those traditions. Case in point: advertising for new dental patients. Historically, dentists used Yellow Pages ads, newspaper ads, direct mail campaigns, and a few radio or TV spots to reach dental prospects. Due to the nature of those media, the message had to be very focused on what was most likely to entice prospects to pick up the phone – price. The advent and development of the internet changed the equation. Once social media sites began to proliferate, dentists had many ...

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Why You Should Widen Your Dental Content Marketing Approach

A study released in September 2016 cast new light on the risks of untreated dental infections. It had been previously established that dental infections increased the risk of heart disease by 200 percent. Those earlier studies were a little short of the mark. The new study showed a nearly threefold risk of heart disease when a chronic dental infection was present; a 270 percent risk, to be precise. This is news that your current and future patients need to know, particularly those at risk for heart disease or with a history of heart issues. But how will you approach the ...

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Why Aren’t You a “Dental Destination?”

If you’ve been following this blog or The Patient Attraction Podcast™ for any length of time, you know that I firmly believe that dental patients view dentists as interchangeable commodities. Dentists are assumed to be competent. Patients don’t understand the differences in the quality of care, the achievable results, or the difference in the patient experience. Unless you tell them and show them. If you remain a dental commodity in the eyes of your prospects, they’ll have no reason to choose you. You and your competitors will be competing on an equal footing for the same ...

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Breaking Free from the Dental Herd

The famous science fiction author John Brunner once said, “Let’s all be different, same as me.” It’s appalling how many dental practices seem to follow that philosophy in their marketing programs. Every aspect of your marketing has to work to help you differentiate yourself from your competition. You have to give your prospective patients reasons to select you to solve their dental problems rather than your 20, 30, or 100 local competitors. And yet, I see dental website after dental website that completely fail to accomplish those objectives. If there’s nothing about ...

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What’s The Last Thing a Dentist Wants to Hear?

One of our SmartBox associates spent some time in advertising agencies, and he shared a tidbit from those experiences. “The last thing any agency wants to hear from potential customers, or particularly from existing customers, is, “I didn’t know you do that!” That’s true for all small businesses. For dentists, the “that” in question might be a dental appliance, a procedure, or emergency walk-in service. It might be offering special incentives or financing arrangements. It might even be offering to speak at a civic organization’s meeting or at a local school. No ...

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STAND-OUT Marketing: 8 Things to Know

Since you’ve been in dentistry a while, you may have forgotten what it’s like for the rest of the world. But to most people, one dentist is just the same as another. That’s why you MUST market if you want to attract more and better patients. So the first thing you have to do is BE INDEPENDENT. That means stepping out of the herd and going a different way. If everyone else in your market talks about how gentle they are, are you going to stand out by saying you’re gentle, too? No, of course not. Instead, highlight your no-wait policy, extended hours, or advanced ...

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What are YOUR Patient Attraction Assets?

Let’s do a little thought exercise: Imagine all of the prospective patients that come to your website in a given month. Now imagine if you had to stand out in front of your office and talk to each one as they went by. That would get tiring. You’d be saying the same thing over and over again. Answering the same questions. Calming the same fears. It would get really old, really fast. That would be a zero leverage activity and something you probably wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. So just imagine if you could “clone yourself” and put a version of you out in front of ...

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4 Things to Lose in Your Ads

My last post featured advice from Max Gotcher and Mike Abernathy over at Summit Practice Solutions (and me) on four things your patients want in your ads – the “do’s.” A great deal of the discussion centered around ads on your website but was applicable to print advertising as well.. So today, let’s see how well the “don’ts” of print advertising match up with those for websites. Eliminate unnecessary verbiage and claims. If someone would look at the ad and say, “Of course they do,” then you don’t need it. For instance, no need to say that you do bleaching, ...

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