The Key to Maximizing Your Dental Marketing ROI

Dentists tend to market with a broad brush, so to speak. That’s understandable – the vast majority of people have teeth, and therefore need dental care at some point. But such a broad approach can waste a significant percentage of your marketing investment. Even though the U.S. economy is enjoying a much-deserved period of growth, many dental prospects can still only afford the basics of dental care. Many others want only the treatment that insurance will pay for. With the trend toward cost-shifting toward the patient that shows no sign of slowing down, even patients with dental ...

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These Aren’t Your Dad’s Dental Patients

As someone once said, the rate of change of the rate of change is changing. That’s not a throwaway line. It’s a reflection of a stark truth that many dentists are slow to come to grips with. Today’s dental prospects are very different from the patients dentists treated just 10 or 15 years ago. The problems aren’t different, but the expectations of dental patients most certainly are. And those expectations are continuing to evolve quickly. The change in the rate of change poses significant challenges for dentists. It’s A Competition Thing Today’s dental prospects ...

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When Dental Retirement Can’t Come Too Soon

You’ve started reading this article, so something about the title resonated with you. Unless you’re in your 60’s – and maybe even then – that’s a damned shame. Dentistry should be something that is a joy to practice. After all, it consistently ranks in the top 2 best professions in the United States. So, if you’re yearning for retirement before your time, something has gone seriously wrong with your practice of dentistry. What Seems To Be The Problem? Dentists are usually unhappy for two reasons – they’re not being challenged, or they’re not making enough money. ...

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Google Dental PPC Ads Aren’t the Only Option

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is part of many dentists’ online marketing. 2016 saw tremendous changes to how Google treats PPC ads. The elimination of the right-side ads, and their incorporation into the main search engine results page, intensified the competition for an ad listing above the main search results. The initial hubbub following the change has calmed down, and the vast majority of doom-and-gloom predictions didn’t hold up. However, costs have escalated and many dentists may find their Google PPC budgets challenged. Google, though, isn’t the only game in town any ...

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What Story Does Your Dental Marketing Tell?

Too much of today’s dental marketing is a straightforward proposition: “We do this for this much money.” Quite a few of a given market’s dental prospects will respond that approach. They’ll pick the lowest-price dentist, get some work done, and vanish. There are several downsides to that marketing approach. You’re having to cut your rates to be the lowest-price provider. Your marketing generates little or no repeat business. And positioning yourself as a cut-rate provider is a turnoff to the 20 percent of prospects who are looking for a relationship with a dentist who they ...

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Dentists Shouldn’t Always Believe Their Self-Talk

It’s not always easy being a small business owner. Your decisions, including the staff you hire and the tone you set for your practice, are major determinants of your success. The ultimate responsibility is yours, and it’s likely that every small business owner has moments of self-doubt. One of the self-doubts that can last much longer than a moment is about the value of the services you offer. If you’re like the vast majority of dentists, you advertise based on specials, discounts, and coupons. By doing that, you’re devaluing the worth of your services. And, while it may not ...

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Broaden Your Social Media Reach

Sometimes your dental marketing hits a plateau. You have several months where you’re not seeing any increase in new patients. The phone’s not ringing as much as you’d like in spite of your local advertising. You’re putting out good content on your social media but not gaining many followers or getting many comments. If that’s happened or is happening to your practice, you can gain considerable ground by thinking outside dentistry. All dentistry is local, and the patients you hope to attract live within or near your community. Local matters, matter. Devoting a portion of your ...

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Your Marketing Needs More than a Dental “Hammer”

Are you a “comfort zone” dentist? I’m not talking about your professional preferences. I’m talking about your approach to marketing your dental practice. I’m the son of a very successful dentist. I get that you didn’t go to dental school to study marketing, and in fact they likely didn’t offer a single class on the subject. That can be a problem for a lot of dentists. How did you decide to market your practice? Did you talk with established colleagues, analyze what the other dentists in your area were doing, or read a few articles or books on the subject? And then ...

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Breaking Free from the Dental Herd

The famous science fiction author John Brunner once said, “Let’s all be different, same as me.” It’s appalling how many dental practices seem to follow that philosophy in their marketing programs. Every aspect of your marketing has to work to help you differentiate yourself from your competition. You have to give your prospective patients reasons to select you to solve their dental problems rather than your 20, 30, or 100 local competitors. And yet, I see dental website after dental website that completely fail to accomplish those objectives. If there’s nothing about ...

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Don’t Be “The Masked Dentist”

If you’ve ever seen re-runs of the old series “The Lone Ranger” on television, you know that the title character wore a mask that (sort of) concealed his identity while he went around righting wrongs. No one ever explained why his faithful companion, Tonto, didn’t wear a mask. Or, for that matter, his horse Trigger who was rather easily recognized. Anyway, if you’ve watched the show you might have heard this iconic line: “Who was that masked man? I wanted to thank him.” There are times when masks are necessary; for infection control and hygiene considerations while ...

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