Bright, Shiny Dental Objects

To the layperson, dental terminology and processes are basically incomprehensible. That’s why we encourage our dentists to talk at their patients’ level when discussing dental problems and solutions. To the vast majority of dentists, marketing terminology and processes are basically incomprehensible. That may sound harsh, but our extensive experience helping dentists get more and better patients has confirmed it. The reason that too many dentists don’t understand marketing is that there are a huge number of marketing firms out there who “explain” how they’re going to help ...

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“Deep Learning” Promises to Change Search Ranking Process

A recent article in provided a fascinating – some might say alarming – analysis of the future of Google search and potentially much, much more. “Deep learning” is a process whereby neural nets (masses of interconnected hardware and software) can learn… on their own. Given enough examples to sift through, these nets “learn” how to identify other examples of the same things. And, they learn how to respond to search queries, sometimes better than the human-coded algorithms that Google now employs to generate page results. How this happens is something of a ...

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Internet Growth Threatens Dentists’ Profits

According to a recent post, the past 24 months saw the appearance of nearly 350 million new websites. That’s an average of 14.6 million new websites every month. It’s getting harder than ever to reach the potential patients you want. Clearly, only a tiny fraction of those new websites are for dental practices, and only a tiny fraction of those are dentists in your market. And, it’s the rare individual who spends time cruising dental websites for fun. But those staggering figures mean that the competition for people’s attention is growing at a rate that no one ever ...

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How Siri, Cortana and Google Now May Blow Up Your Online Dental Marketing

The introduction of digital, voice-responsive assistants like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now may change the way search is conducted online. For years, search has focused on responding to keyword inquiries. For instance, a prospective dental patient might enter the terms “orthodontist Jackson Mississippi” in the search box. The results would reflect those keywords. Let’s say that our searcher added the term “best.” Google would look for those four keywords and return a result. More recently, search engines have become more responsive to natural ...

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The Four Pillars of Online Marketing Success

If you have a website that’s NOT bringing you new patients, you’re about to find out why. Why must you be on the web? Let’s start with a statistic: Eighty-five percent of consumers are searching for local businesses online. So even if you haven’t dumped your phone book for Google, the majority of your patients have. In fact, 91 percent of consumers search to find information on the web. More than half do so EVERY DAY. But what’s wrong with your billboard, yellow pages listing, TV commercial or newspaper ad? Nothing is wrong with them if you don’t mind spending a bunch of ...

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Boost Your SEO: Five Must-Do Things

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that effective search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely crucial if you want prospective patients to find your practice online. Here are five things that MUST be going on behind the scenes on your website if you want to maximize your search engine optimization: You must be using consistent URLs. The URL that your website visitor sees, the URLs that you use to link pages internally, and the links you use in your XML sitemap MUST be the same. If they aren’t, update them, and when you change one, change them ...

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Making Dale Carnegie Proud: Influencer Marketing Tips

Influencer marketing means using people with well-respected names in your industry to help you establish your brand. This isn’t as overt as getting testimonials or endorsements, though you certainly can. It is simply being “affiliated” with each other. If your fellow influencer endorses you, so much the better, of course. This affiliation can be done in several ways: You could write a blog on each other’s site. You can share posts from each other on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You could write ABOUT the other person and publish it on your website or on another ...

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This Incredible Discovery Should Outrage You

One of the important things about your website is that it MUST have unique copy to get maximum search engine optimization, or SEO, value. And not only unique, but relevant and useful to readers. A few weeks ago, one of our copywriters was very embarrassed. He had gotten some info about a client’s practice from the client’s old website. When he wrote the report for the client, the client told him he didn’t do half of the procedures mentioned in the report – despite his former website saying he did! To add insult to injury, our writer found the text on the old website to be the ...

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Stop Being Comfortable, Start Getting Patients

Today’s blog is the third of our series on taking your ego out of your marking. Point one was listening more than you talk, and point two was to trust data, not your opinion, on what works. Point three is about how doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten. There’s a saying that no growth occurs without discomfort. You have to let go of your ego, which tells you that the way you are doing it is fine, and step onto unfamiliar ground. For instance, it may be hard for you to give up your traditional Yellow Pages ad. But as I wrote in my new book, the ...

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