The Race is OFF for Dentists

Ever have those days when you feel like you’re on roller skates? From talking with hundreds of dentists, that’s a major issue for many dentists now that the economy is booming. They complain of practically being on roller skates between operatories, trying to keep up with a jam-packed scheduletust As attractive as the prospect of making a lot of money might be, this situation isn’t sustainable in the long run. You simply can’t work too hard for too long and expect to have a lengthy career in dentistry. It’s even harder if your days are filled with fairly unrewarding cases – ...

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What’s Your Dental Value Proposition?

It’s all too easy to view dentistry as transactional – you provide services, and the patient and/or the insurance company pays you for your efforts. For dentists who market based on price, specials, and discounts, holding that view is understandable. But that view doesn’t go nearly far enough if you want to grow your practice. Dentists today are assumed to be competent. Unless you give dental prospects reasons to choose you to solve their dental problems, there are any number of dentists with whom they can “transact business.” Those patients are generally price-shoppers, ...

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More is Not Better for Dental Websites

Content is and probably always will be king as far as Google is concerned, but dentists should be wary about adding content just to try to score higher in search engine results pages (SERP). That’s not to say that content doesn’t need to be kept fresh; that four-year-old article on dental implants isn’t likely to score well. But Google is far less concerned with the quantity of content than with the quality. Quality content is Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy and does an excellent job of answering searchers’ questions. If you’re loading down your website with additional ...

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Does Your Dental Marketing Firm “Trick” or “Treat?”

Happy day after Halloween! Or, in some circles, All Saints Day. Halloween might present a dilemma for many of you. On the one hand, those little trick-or-treaters are expecting something delicious, sweet, and sugary in their bags or baskets. On the other hand, you’re a dentist and don’t want to promote tooth decay. Sugar-free gum probably seems like a “trick” to those youngsters who were expecting a treat. Some dental marketing firms are like that. They promise you delicious treats, in the form of impressions, views, clicks, and followers, making it sound as if those will get ...

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Resist the Lure of Discounted Fees

What happens when someone asks you to lower your fees? First, there is the practical matter: How much profit margin have you built in to your fees? Obviously you have to cover your overhead costs: materials, staff time, hourly cost to keep the practice running. But then comes the “negotiable” part: how much do you pay yourself? How flexible you are with your fee depends, in part, on how you set the fee in the first place. If your fees are bare minimum because you are a volume practice, then more than likely there is very little practical room for negotiation. If you have a ...

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Why Knowing Isn’t Enough and What You Can Do About It

I spend a lot of time talking in great detail about the patient attraction process. I walk through each step of the process, I talk about what you need long each step to make something happen, and I try to make everything pretty simple to understand. If you stick around for a little while and consume my blog posts, you end up knowing more about online patient attraction than about 95% of dentists.Sadly, knowing these things doesn’t get them done. And even more than that, knowing what you need to do doesn’t really provide the motivation you need to make it happen. After all, you ...

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You Fix Much More Than Teeth

You should be able to look right in the face of a blue collar factory worker and, without hesitation, say, “We can make that happen for only $20,000” and feel GREAT about it. Can you imagine that? No? Then read on. For many dentists, the worst part of being a dentist is having to tell your patients how much a procedure will cost. In fact, many dentists have probably dumped that part off on a member of their staff. But you should not be embarrassed to charge a premium price for your services. The first thing you have to understand is that you do not provide: straighter ...

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Seth Godin and I Agree: Sell Value

Seth Godin is a guy that anyone in marketing follows. He’s a former VP at Yahoo and a couple of years ago was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. If you’ve never heard of him, let me tell you this: Just type in the word “Seth” and he’ll appear high up on your search page. I just did, and he hit the TWO top slots on Google. THAT’S how big he is. And people listen to him. A blog of Seth’s last year sounded oddly familiar. In it, Seth told readers that “It’s too expensive” almost never means “there isn’t enough money if I think it’s worth ...

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