Why Orthodontists Must Master Local Search

Things aren’t looking that bright for a lot of orthodontists these days. There was a time when orthodontists pretty much had a lock on the business of correcting malocclusions. They did have a lock on treating more complex orthodontic cases. That all changed when Invisalign® was introduced. Suddenly, GP dentists could effectively treat mild to moderate orthodontic cases. And they did, signing up by the tens of thousands for Invisalign training. That was a serious blow to many orthodontists’ pocketbooks. Invisalign was challenge enough, but now ClearCorrect has tossed its hat in ...

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Are You Impatient With Your Dental SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has been widely touted as the greatest thing since the invention of the smartphone. That’s both true and not true. One of the side effects of the internet is that everything is right now, or at least near-instant. That’s resulted in a shortening of expectations generally and particularly with regard to marketing. As the saying goes, “The problem with instant gratification is that it takes too long.” Done correctly, SEO is a highly effective means of driving more dental prospects to your website. But it’s not a quick fix, as much as most ...

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Your Dental Marketing Results Should Be Guaranteed

Manufacturers provide product warranties, and service companies offer satisfaction guarantees. Why should dental marketing services be any different? At SmartBox, we firmly believe that marketing firms should stand behind their services, and here’s why. Marketing has come a long way in the last 100 years. As an industry, we have much more knowledge, more more data, and many more demonstrated successes to help guide our efforts. In today’s connected world, every marketing company should be meticulously gathering and interpreting data about website hits, impressions, email opens and ...

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Dentists Shouldn’t Always Believe Their Self-Talk

It’s not always easy being a small business owner. Your decisions, including the staff you hire and the tone you set for your practice, are major determinants of your success. The ultimate responsibility is yours, and it’s likely that every small business owner has moments of self-doubt. One of the self-doubts that can last much longer than a moment is about the value of the services you offer. If you’re like the vast majority of dentists, you advertise based on specials, discounts, and coupons. By doing that, you’re devaluing the worth of your services. And, while it may not ...

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Breaking Free from the Dental Herd

The famous science fiction author John Brunner once said, “Let’s all be different, same as me.” It’s appalling how many dental practices seem to follow that philosophy in their marketing programs. Every aspect of your marketing has to work to help you differentiate yourself from your competition. You have to give your prospective patients reasons to select you to solve their dental problems rather than your 20, 30, or 100 local competitors. And yet, I see dental website after dental website that completely fail to accomplish those objectives. If there’s nothing about ...

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Organic Search or Social Media? Investment Decisions for Dentists

It’s the never-ending online debate: should businesses invest their marketing dollars in SEO for search, or for social media ads? According to an article published last year on LinkedIn, both. Which means that the debate will continue to rage. Both SEO and social media are labor-intensive to keep current. SEO has the advantage, though, when it comes to measuring ROI and being able to tweak your marketing for maximum results. Social media works to get your ads in front of a self-selected audience, which is a plus. ROI is difficult to measure. There are a number of good points on ...

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Boost Your SEO: Five Must-Do Things

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that effective search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely crucial if you want prospective patients to find your practice online. Here are five things that MUST be going on behind the scenes on your website if you want to maximize your search engine optimization: You must be using consistent URLs. The URL that your website visitor sees, the URLs that you use to link pages internally, and the links you use in your XML sitemap MUST be the same. If they aren’t, update them, and when you change one, change them ...

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Google My Business: Cross-platform Evolution

Google My Business simplifies how you present your practice across the various Google platforms. Most of you probably had a Google Places or Google+ account. That’s where you could post your location, some keywords about your business, a description and, if you were doing it right, some images. Others could also post reviews about your practice. But some people found Google Places for Business and Google+ Local difficult to manage. One was more about listing and being found. The other was more about competing with Facebook and being social. Now Google has simplified things ...

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Your Google Ranking: Three Things to Know

Your placement on Google search results pages are the most important part of your web marketing – and they don’t matter one bit. Google dominates the search engine market, virtually everyone starts their search for information with a search engine, and almost no one goes past the first search engine results page (SERP) to find what they are looking for. So let’s say you have a great SEO program in place. How do you know you are dominating SERPs and what do you do if you are? Here are three facts about your Google rankings: What you see is probably not what others see. A ...

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