Where Your Dental Marketing Dollars Are Wasted

The end goal of all your marketing efforts is to put more new dental patients in your chairs. Everything else – impressions, views, clicks, likes, shares, opt-ins – is just a means to that end. While an increasing number of prospects book their first appointment online, the vast majority still pick up the phone and call your practice. That first point of contact is the make-or-break moment for your marketing. Every new prospect that calls your office but isn’t appointed is a complete waste of your marketing investment. Let’s Give The Front Office Its Due Dentists hire front ...

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Track Down the Weaknesses in Your Dental Marketing

Dentists aren’t detectives, although some diagnostic puzzles may challenge your deductive skills. But one area where dentists can benefit from doing some investigation is their online marketing. Dentists aren’t trained as marketers. For that reason, many dentists’ marketing violates a lot of the rules that determine good marketing. That may or may not be the case with your marketing. Regardless, here are four mistakes that dentists’ make with their marketing that you should avoid at all costs. Number 1: Limiting the number of marketing channels Almost no business needs to be ...

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Dental “Magic Marketing Bullets” Miss The Mark

There’s always someone out there who is willing to sell you the “latest and greatest” marketing technique. And there are always dentists who will rush to buy the latest bright, shiny object, usually because what they’re doing with their marketing isn’t working well enough. People who are drowning will grasp at any lifeline, no matter how unlikely or frail it may be. The Rush Is On You only have to follow the news to understand just how often companies rush products and services to market. Usually, that approach uncovers any number of problems with those companies’ offerings ...

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Why Aren’t You Enough for Your Dental Practice?

Do you have days when you feel like you’re on a treadmill? There’s that “running as fast as I can to stay in one place” sensation. You’re seeing 15 or 20 patients a day, you’re working as hard as you can, and you’re not really getting anywhere. Your bank account is hovering around the same figure. You’re not able to increase your retirement savings the way you’d like. You may not be able to give your staff the kind of raises they deserve without scrimping somewhere else. I know from talking with thousands of dentists that feeling like you’re not getting anywhere ...

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Your Dental Phone Answerers Are Costing You Money

Dentists typically spend a fair amount on marketing their practices. They almost universally don’t get enough return on that investment. Part of the reason for low ROI is that dentists tend to market like everyone else. Advertising on price, specials, and coupons brings in low-value new patients. Someone who needs implants, full-mouth reconstruction, or dentures won’t be motivated by a $50 off coupon. People who need cleanings, fillings, or light dental bonding, will be. Most dental practices rely on a stream of those low value patients plus a comparative handful of higher-value ...

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How is Your Dental Marketing Company Spending Your Money?

If you’re working with a dental marketing firm, are you getting everything you should be getting? I’m not here to slam any other company, but I know that there are unscrupulous actors out there. Those people give my profession a bad name. Even worse, they’re ripping off hardworking dentists who deserve better. Marketing isn’t a “hard” science like physics or chemistry, but it has guidelines and best practices. And with the introduction of the internet and better computer technology, it’s become easier than ever to get hard data about the effectiveness of what we ...

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Don’t Fall for Dental Marketing Scams

I’ve been in this business for a while now, and I’ve seen just about every kind of dental marketing. Some of it’s not bad, some of it’s pretty good, and some of it is overblown hype. You may have received a badly-written marketing email essentially implying that the company that sent it knows better than anyone else what works to attract a certain kind of dental case. Bull. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Those kinds of claims are overblown hype, and dentists should be careful not to get taken in by them. With the incredible access to information that all of us have these via ...

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Dentists are #1. Are You?

Dentistry is a great profession, and U.S. News & World Report just confirmed it. Again. After falling to number two behind orthodontists last year, dentists have now regained the top spot as the best profession in the magazine’s annual ranking the year’s best jobs. That’s the good news – you’re a part of the best profession in the United States, ranked on: 10-year growth volume and growth percentage; median salary and job prospects; employment rate; and stress level and work-life balance. Are you feeling lucky? If not, why not? Could it be that your 10-year prospects ...

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Will Dental Fillings Go the Way of the Dodo?

It isn’t often that something comes along with the potential to reshape an industry. But last month, researchers at King’s College London revealed that they had successfully healed dental caries in rats by using a potential Alzheimer’s drug, tideglusib. Tideglusib activates stem cells to enhance teeth’s natural healing ability. The researchers found that filling cavities with tiny biodegradable sponges containing the drug allowed teeth to heal cavities – even when those cavities reached as far as the root. Granted, these experiments were conducted on rats. Human trials and ...

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Why Are You STILL Wasting Dental Marketing Dollars

Return on investment (ROI) is a crucial factor in any dental practice’s success. Every marketing dollar invested has to return the maximum ROI to get dentists to their success goals. However, measuring that return is a hit-or-miss proposition for most dentists. Research has shown that dental patients are very poor at recalling how they found your practice. That means that you can’t know with any certainty which parts of your marketing are returning a lot of new patients, and which parts aren’t. You’re throwing away money on marketing that’s not working or not working well ...

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