What Would You Give for Time Away From Your Dental Practice?

Dentistry is a great profession, except when it’s not. It’s not a great profession when you’re running between operatories trying to keep up with a packed schedule. Or when your neck and back are screaming from being hunched over the chairs hours and hours, day after day. Or when you’ve done twenty routine exams and ten drill-and-fills in a row. Or when the last time you had more than a day or two away from the office was over the Christmas shutdown. If then. Dentistry doesn’t have to be a high-volume business, with an unending treadmill of low-value patients with no ...

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Dentists Have Limited Time to Prepare for the Next Recession

Do a simple search for the terms “next recession,” and you’ll discover something both fascinating and alarming. The fascinating part is that virtually every financial pundit says the next recession is coming. The alarming part is that the predictions on when the recession will occur are all over the map – ranging from the next six months to two to three years. Just as widespread are the predictions about the severity of the next recession, ranging from mild to worse than the Great Recession of 2008. In other words, something bad is coming but you don’t know when or how bad it ...

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