Think Those New Dental Graduates Aren’t Coming?

The University of Kansas announced in February that it is continuing the work to establish a dental school on the Medical Center campus in Kansas City. The University apparently feels strongly about a new dental school, because its work is continuing despite a lack of funding from the legislature. And in spite of the fact that, according to the ADA, dental school enrollment is at an all-time high with nearly 27,000 students enrolled from 2016-2017. In 2016, close to 6,000 new dentists entered the workforce. When you consider that the number of practicing dentists in the U.S. is ...

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What’s Your Dental Value Proposition?

It’s all too easy to view dentistry as transactional – you provide services, and the patient and/or the insurance company pays you for your efforts. For dentists who market based on price, specials, and discounts, holding that view is understandable. But that view doesn’t go nearly far enough if you want to grow your practice. Dentists today are assumed to be competent. Unless you give dental prospects reasons to choose you to solve their dental problems, there are any number of dentists with whom they can “transact business.” Those patients are generally price-shoppers, ...

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Dominate Your Dental Market

Dental competition is at a level never seen before. Dentists who compete for new patients the same was as the other practices in their market are getting fewer and fewer new patients. The ones who are getting enough new patients are spending more and more on their marketing. Doing the same thing with your marketing as everybody else puts you firmly in the “just another dentist” category. Your prospects have no reason to choose you to solve their dental problems – except price, insurance acceptance, and availability. That probably sounds “normal” to you, and that’s a ...

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You Catch the “Fish” That Will Take Your Dental Bait

People who enjoy fishing know that certain kinds of lures and baits are better suited for attracting certain kinds of fish. There’s a lesson here for dentists. Most dentists advertise their practices the way that dentists have for decades. They offer low prices, specials, and discounts. Those are the bait, or the lure, in their marketing. And just as with fishing, only a certain type of patient will bite. That type of prospect is generally price-driven, insurance-driven, or a one-and-done patient with relatively low case value. But when it comes to attracting the new patients you need ...

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Will You Leave Dentistry A Millionaire?

Dentistry is perpetually ranked as one of the best, if not the best, professions in the country. It scores very high on income, work-life balance, and growth prospects. Given those advantages, it’s a wonder that every dentist doesn’t retire a millionaire. All too often, though, dentists leave dentistry with not nearly enough money to fund a comfortable retirement. That shouldn’t happen, but the reasons why dentists retire broke are obvious to the informed observer. However, in almost all cases, those reasons aren’t what you would think. Wrong Approach, Wrong ...

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Why Your Dental Marketing is Failing You

As a group, dentists keep abreast of the latest developments in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. As a group, they tend to be a little tardy in adopting best practices when it comes to their dental marketing. Most dentists today still market like the dentists of 15 years ago, with the exception of having a website. There’s not anything wrong with that approach, per se, except that dentists overwhelmingly still use the same value propositions in their marketing. How’s It Look From the Bottom? If you’re advertising on the basis of price, specials, and ...

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Dentistry’s Black Friday: Offering Discounts and Deals

The Friday after Thanksgiving has come to be called “Black Friday” because of the deals and lines and crowds. You’ve undoubtedly seen the advertisements for super cheap this, deeply discounted that, and free whatevers and whathaveyous. Judging by the lines, and the parking lots, those tactics work, too. Really well. In fact, it’s reminiscent of an email another dental marketer sent out earlier this year. He told recipients that they could increase their patient base by simply adding the words “It’s Free” next to a consultation offer. He said it would even work if the offer ...

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Resist the Lure of Discounted Fees

What happens when someone asks you to lower your fees? First, there is the practical matter: How much profit margin have you built in to your fees? Obviously you have to cover your overhead costs: materials, staff time, hourly cost to keep the practice running. But then comes the “negotiable” part: how much do you pay yourself? How flexible you are with your fee depends, in part, on how you set the fee in the first place. If your fees are bare minimum because you are a volume practice, then more than likely there is very little practical room for negotiation. If you have a ...

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