The Time to Turn Your Dental Practice Around is Now

You’re undoubtedly aware of the forces pressuring dental practices these days. Corporate dentistry, new dental school graduates, increased competition, declining insurance reimbursements, the prospect of dental therapists – the list goes on. You might be feeling the impact of those factors on your practice. It wouldn’t be surprising if your practice growth curve has flattened, or if you’re having to work longer and harder to make your goals. It would be nice to think that things are going to get better for dentists on their own, but that’s not going to happen. The forces in ...

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Be Iconic! To Succeed, You Must Risk Failure

Some sporting events or moments are just so memorable, you can’t help but be moved by them. Sports was the original “reality TV.” Many of us relate to sports stars because they achieve the type of greatness to which we aspire: They hit the game-winning shot, overcome long odds to become a champion, or show grit in the most tense circumstances. While you may not be the biggest sports fan, there are some sporting moments that can teach you a lesson about being a better dental marketer. ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR HOME RUN TROT? Back in 1998, the Oakland Athletics of Major League ...

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What You Must Know about Call Tracking

You might remember that one of the four pillars of web marketing is tracking. Today, let’s look specifically at phone call tracking. First, what is call tracking? It’s basically a three-step process. Differentiate where your calls originate. Call tracking lets us assign a different number from various marketing channels so we know which ones are working. Your website should have a different phone number than a direct mail piece, for instance. You wouldn’t believe how many dentists have no idea where their new calls come from. Others are trying to find out manually, ...

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A Winning Strategy: Plan 1 Goal at a Time

Research suggests that if you plan on how you will accomplish a single goal, you are likely to achieve it. But if you simultaneously plan how you will achieve multiple goals, you are unlikely to achieve any of them. A blog post from Influence at Work, the company of SmartBox Web Marketing favorite Dr. Robert Cialdini, described research about how we can successfully plan to reach our goals – and how we can sabotage our own efforts. According to the research, people who create a plan to reach their goals are usually successful. But people who simultaneously create plans to reach ...

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Why Knowing Isn’t Enough and What You Can Do About It

I spend a lot of time talking in great detail about the patient attraction process. I walk through each step of the process, I talk about what you need long each step to make something happen, and I try to make everything pretty simple to understand. If you stick around for a little while and consume my blog posts, you end up knowing more about online patient attraction than about 95% of dentists.Sadly, knowing these things doesn’t get them done. And even more than that, knowing what you need to do doesn’t really provide the motivation you need to make it happen. After all, you ...

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4 Attitudes of Small Business Owners

Your attitude says a lot about the type of business you run – and what YOU define as success. One question we ask all of our potential clients is what success means to them. What are they looking for in the next year or five years or 10 years? If you’re talking with a marketing company and they don’t ask you that, that means you are about to get a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-some solution. Recently, Infusionsoft surveyed 850 American small businesses – half of which are Infusionsoft customers and half are not. Infusionsoft is a marketing-automation company that is specifically ...

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Keep Them Watching: A 3-step Formula for Your Videos

Here is why video is important to you and the growth of your dental practice: Video is worth 1.8 million words per minute, according to Forrester Research. Video allows a prospect to get to know you before ever meeting you. Videos allow your patients to tell your story and sing your praises, establishing social proof on your behalf. So what’s the problem? According to research by Visible Measures, 20% of your viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or less. You’ll lose about one-third of your viewers by 30 seconds, 45% by 1 minute and almost 60% by two minutes. ...

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“I Don’t Know Where We’re Going, But We’re Making Great Time.”

The idea behind all of these blog posts is to help dentists grow their practice. Underlying that idea is this one truth: Your practice’s success depends on YOU! That’s right – YOU are the main determinant of the future of your practice. That may not be easy to hear, but I think I owe to you to point it out. Your practice will succeed or fail because of YOU. We can help it succeed. We can train you and give you information (like what you get out of these posts and our products). We can set up our industry-leading patient attraction system to bring you more and better ...

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DON’T Take Your Patients’ Money – and Profit!

Think about the last time you took your car to the mechanic. Whether you know a little about cars, or you asked friends or researched the problem on the Internet, you probably had some idea of what was wrong. It always impressive when a mechanic tells you it was a less expensive problem than you asked about. Has that mechanic cost himself money? In the short-term, yes. But in the long-term, he has kept you coming back and trusting that what he tells you is true. What would have happened if you decided not to repair the car and took it to another mechanic who told you the cheaper ...

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Working Hard May Not Get You Where You Want

The term “hard work” has lots of different meanings. You can work hard and get an intrinsic value for having done so. Carrying something heavy for your wife, building your own dog house or rebuilding a ’71 Volkswagen bus from scrap parts are hard work. But you’re not doing the labor to bring you monetary gain – extrinsic gain. Your labors of love bring you happiness for a job well-done. Is that what you want from your practice? Do you want to work hard, putting in 9- or 10-hour days six days a week and feel good that you did so? Because if all you are doing is ...

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