Why You Shouldn’t Be the Hardest-Working Dentist in Town

There’s a belief in the U.S and other countries that hard work is the key to success. While there are certainly industries where that’s true, dentistry isn’t one of them. Dentists are an elite group providing elite, often life-changing services. There’s absolutely no reason why dentistry should be reduced to a “grind it out” formula for success. And yet, that’s the approach that far too many dentists still take. That’s a shame, because SmartBox has proven that there’s a far better way to succeed in dentistry. Work Richer, Not Harder The key to making more money ...

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Young, Hungry, and Loaded with Dental School Debt

According to the University of Columbia College of Dental Medicine, the average age of dental school enrollees is about 24. The ADA’s Health Policy Institute (HPI) found that in 2001 the average age of dentists’ retirement was 64.8. In 2013, the average retirement age was 68.7. Dentists in practice are delaying their retirements for an additional 4 years. HPI also found that between 2008 and 2013, some 2,100 foreign-trained dentists joined the U.S. workforce, 772 dentists renewed an expired license, and 342 dentists left retirement to return to work. Those dentists joined the ...

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WHAT Do Your Dental Patients Want?

Long story short – it’s probably not what you think. You know what you’d want in a dentist who worked on you. You’d want someone with great hands, advanced certifications, the latest and greatest imaging equipment, world-class case solutions, absolutely impeccable sterile practices, and cutting-edge technique. Right? None of those are what your patients want. Your patients want to feel better: about their smiles, about their ability to eat what they love without pain, about their lives. If you’re selling any of the things that you’d want, you’re missing the mark. And ...

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