Why Are You STILL Wasting Dental Marketing Dollars

Return on investment (ROI) is a crucial factor in any dental practice’s success. Every marketing dollar invested has to return the maximum ROI to get dentists to their success goals. However, measuring that return is a hit-or-miss proposition for most dentists. Research has shown that dental patients are very poor at recalling how they found your practice. That means that you can’t know with any certainty which parts of your marketing are returning a lot of new patients, and which parts aren’t. You’re throwing away money on marketing that’s not working or not working well ...

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The “Math-ive” Destruction of Dental Practices

It’s said that numbers don’t lie. In my experience, though, they can certainly obscure the truth at a time when you need it most. Take your dental marketing, for instance. You almost certainly run a P&L monthly, which is your indication of the kind of return you’re getting for the dollars you lay out. And you probably have a quarterly balance sheet, and a mid-fiscal year reconciliation, and of course an end-of year report. That’s great, but how many opportunities are lost in between those accountings? Lost because all you have are the TOTALS of your return on marketing ...

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