Let’s Cut Through the Dental Marketing “Smoke and Mirrors”

There are probably thousand of U.S. marketing firms offering services to dental practices. Some of those companies are good at what they do. Quite a few of them tend to specialize in one area marketing – search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content writing come to mind. Not to “diss” any particular company, but there’s no “magic marketing bullet” that will consistently get you the new patients you need. It’s like having one tool in your toolbox; it’s just not up to tackling all the jobs that need to be done. Today’s dental prospects overwhelmingly ...

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Google Dental PPC Ads Aren’t the Only Option

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is part of many dentists’ online marketing. 2016 saw tremendous changes to how Google treats PPC ads. The elimination of the right-side ads, and their incorporation into the main search engine results page, intensified the competition for an ad listing above the main search results. The initial hubbub following the change has calmed down, and the vast majority of doom-and-gloom predictions didn’t hold up. However, costs have escalated and many dentists may find their Google PPC budgets challenged. Google, though, isn’t the only game in town any ...

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Pay-Per-Click: What the Pros Do

Organic search is the bread and butter of web marketing. But do you like to eat only bread and butter? Of course not. Using pay-per-click advertising is like adding meat to the menu. Organic search means search, the kind that at least a billion people do every day. Bring up a search engine like Google, type in a word or phrase, and see what pops up. Those are organic results, and research shows that 70% of the links search users click on are organic. But what about the other 30 percent? That’s the meat in your web marketing For our clients, we encourage them to use ...

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Two Shocking Facts about Dental Marketing

At SmartBox, we preach two things: Content marketing brings you more and better patients. Spending all day posting on Facebook and Twitter is a waste of your time. Some research came out last year that validates both of those points. An SEO company called BrightEdge has this huge set of websites that it studies. The folks at BrightEdge released a report that showed the majority (51 percent) of traffic on the websites they review came from organic search. This has caused a little bit of a stir among some online marketers – especially the ones who want you to pay them to set up ...

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Surprising Statistics Show Pay-Per-Click Retargeting Advertising Isn’t a Great Deal

Did you know that pay-per-click advertising can be targeted exclusively to people who have visited your website? These are people who have already demonstrated an interest in your products and services, and the process of showing them ads from a site they have already visited is called “retargeting.” Most first-time visitors to a website leave without setting an appointment. One visit to your website is usually not enough to close the deal. A PPC retargeting campaign lets you segment past site visitors and deliver relevant ads based on the actions people have taken on your site. ...

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