Your Dental Patients “Oughta Be in Pictures”

Dental testimonial videos are crucial for your success in today’s “information economy.” Dental prospects have more access to information about dentists than at any time in history. Your prospects expect to be able to see you, hear you, and to learn about you from the happy and satisfied patients you’ve treated. And if they can’t learn all about you, they’ll almost certainly choose another dentist. Dental Videos Done Well Video should work for you, but far too many dentists’ videos work against them. You prospects aren’t expecting Hollywood-level production values, ...

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When Your Dental Website Makes You Look Old

There’s no environment that changes faster than the online environment. The internet is a hotbed of innovation, new design, and the next greatest thing. It’s an environment in which few dentists flourish. Your website says a lot about you and your practice, and all of it may not be good if your site isn’t updated regularly. Style matters, even for dentists. Today’s internet users can pick out a “cookie-cutter” website within seconds, and they won’t be impressed. Stale, dated design immediately brands you and your practice as old-fashioned. That may appeal to some senior ...

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Does Word-of-Mouth Get New Dental Patients?

An article in April’s issue of Dental Economics surveyed about 100 people to evaluate the impact of word-of mouth dental referrals. The results may surprise you. Breaking it down quickly, the respondents were 73 females and 30 males from all age groups. None of them was associated with any dental profession except as patients. 75% said they used a word-of-mouth referral as their starting point the last time they looked for a dentist. Insurance provider lists came in second. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that 43 percent of those respondents also did online research ...

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Dental Videos: 4 Essential Qualities for Your “Stars”

There are dental videos, and there are effective dental videos. There are some obvious differences between the two. The quality of the production itself is a deciding factor; poorly lit and poorly shot video with bad sound is a non-starter. But beyond the technical aspects, the real question is, “What kinds of people are you showing?” This question applies to both patient testimonials and your “explainer” educational videos. Here are the 4 qualities that the people in your dental videos must have: 1. They’re regular “Janes” or “Joes.” In other words, ...

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