Who Are Your Ideal Patients, and Why Aren’t You Seeing Them?

If you’re like most general dentists, you’re seeing a lot of patients for cleanings and exams, drill-and-fills, and teeth whitening. Those are good and necessary patients to have, but will they help you grow your practice? Are they your ideal patients, or are they just what you get? And if they’re what you get, why is that? The first place to look is at your marketing. What are you advertising? Low-cost exams, discount cleanings, specials? You’re marketing to the price-shoppers and the insurance-driven. What’s worse is that you’re doing exactly what most of the other ...

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“Spray and Pray” Dental Marketing is Done

As the Internet has evolved, what worked before for dental marketing no longer returns enough ROI. It used to be possible to use what’s known as programmatic marketing which basically released one static ad to a wide audience. Back in the day, that worked well as there was essentially one channel for an ad – the desktop computer or laptop. Now, those channels have expanded to include an array of technology that talks to each other: smartphones, watches, pads, weather apps, and much more. And Internet advertising has become more and more personalized. If you spend much time on ...

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