How Much are You Losing to Dental Tourism?

Dentists along the U.S./Mexico border are generally all to aware of dental tourism – prospects from their markets hopping over the border to get cheaper dental care. Sometimes those patients get quality work, sometimes not. A number of SmartBox dentists have a decent revenue stream from re-doing substandard dental treatment from Mexico. If your practice isn’t near Mexico, you might not think that dental tourism is a concern for you. But there’s another “dental tourism” trend that you might not be aware of. More and more people are combining dental care with an overseas vacation. ...

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Dentists Have Limited Time to Prepare for the Next Recession

Do a simple search for the terms “next recession,” and you’ll discover something both fascinating and alarming. The fascinating part is that virtually every financial pundit says the next recession is coming. The alarming part is that the predictions on when the recession will occur are all over the map – ranging from the next six months to two to three years. Just as widespread are the predictions about the severity of the next recession, ranging from mild to worse than the Great Recession of 2008. In other words, something bad is coming but you don’t know when or how bad it ...

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Why Aren’t You Enough for Your Dental Practice?

Do you have days when you feel like you’re on a treadmill? There’s that “running as fast as I can to stay in one place” sensation. You’re seeing 15 or 20 patients a day, you’re working as hard as you can, and you’re not really getting anywhere. Your bank account is hovering around the same figure. You’re not able to increase your retirement savings the way you’d like. You may not be able to give your staff the kind of raises they deserve without scrimping somewhere else. I know from talking with thousands of dentists that feeling like you’re not getting anywhere ...

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Has Your Dental Website Gone Mobile Yet?

If your dental website isn’t mobile-compatible, you’ve been paying a penalty in search engine rankings since 2015. Here’s why. Searches initiated from mobile devices and tablets have overtaken searches from desktop and laptop computers and continue to pull ahead. Google, with its emphasis on the user experience, responded to this trend by essentially penalizing websites that don’t load quickly or display properly on the smaller screens. Dentists as a group tend not to be at the forefront of web technology. An enormous number of dental websites haven’t been updated in the last ...

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Why Your Dental Marketing is Failing You

As a group, dentists keep abreast of the latest developments in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. As a group, they tend to be a little tardy in adopting best practices when it comes to their dental marketing. Most dentists today still market like the dentists of 15 years ago, with the exception of having a website. There’s not anything wrong with that approach, per se, except that dentists overwhelmingly still use the same value propositions in their marketing. How’s It Look From the Bottom? If you’re advertising on the basis of price, specials, and ...

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