Cialdini’s Principle of Consensus for Dental Practices

Having trouble watching this video? Click here. Patient Attraction Episode 1114 This is the last of a series of podcasts in which I’ve looked at how dentists can apply Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence to get more new patients. Today’s podcast is on a subject near and dear to my heart – Consensus, or social proof, as it’s also called. Social proof is a powerful recruitment tool for dentists who want more new patients … if it’s handled right. Online reputation management is absolutely essential these days, because a handful of negative reviews can cause you to ...

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Dentists Should Keep What They “Catch”

Too many dentists are caught in a revolving door syndrome. New patients come in, have a minimal amount of work done, and disappear. There’s no patient loyalty, no effort to refer other patients, and minimal return for your marketing investment. Done properly, dentistry shouldn’t be a catch-and-release sport. You need patients who will stay, pay, and refer to grow your practice and fund your retirement. Part of the reason you’re catching the wrong “fish” is that you’re probably using the wrong bait. The vast majority of dentists market their practices on price, specials, ...

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Is the New Word-of-Mouth Advertising Killing Your Dental Practice?

How often do you get new dental pages from your Yellow Pages ad? The traditional means of dental marketing – YP ads, newspaper ads, and postcard campaigns – just won’t cut it in today’s wired (and wireless) world. The overwhelming majority of dental prospects are looking for a dentist online. In part, that’s due to the convenience offered by mobile search. More importantly, online has taken over because it offers access to far more information about you  and your practice than has ever been possible before. Your prospects are (hopefully) perusing your website, possibly ...

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The Kiss of Death for Dental Practices

You may have the best clinical “chops” in the business. But if the word on the Internet “street” is that patients are uncomfortable with you and your practice, you won’t see many new dental patients. The single thing that can wreck your marketing campaign is a less-than-stellar online reputation. Thanks to social media, it’s likely that most people today have more impersonal relationships than they do personal relationships. And, thanks to social media, disgruntled patients can reach more prospective patients than has ever been possible. And that could be the kiss of ...

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