Does Offline Dental Marketing Still Work?

Before the internet became a simple fact of everyday life, dentists reached their prospects via newspaper ads, outdoor boards, the occasional TV or radio spot, and postcard campaigns. You might think that in this internet age “offline marketing” is no longer a viable way to attract new patients. You’d be wrong. It’s not an “either-or” question. It’s a question of what’s right for your practice and your market. Today’s Offline Media The sound-and-sight aspects of the internet can be very compelling for getting your marketing messages to your dental prospects. Your ...

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What’s The Last Thing a Dentist Wants to Hear?

One of our SmartBox associates spent some time in advertising agencies, and he shared a tidbit from those experiences. “The last thing any agency wants to hear from potential customers, or particularly from existing customers, is, “I didn’t know you do that!” That’s true for all small businesses. For dentists, the “that” in question might be a dental appliance, a procedure, or emergency walk-in service. It might be offering special incentives or financing arrangements. It might even be offering to speak at a civic organization’s meeting or at a local school. No ...

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