There’s A Storm Coming

When you see dark clouds gathering on the horizon, you generally figure there will be a storm soon. And you know that you’d better seek shelter. Four massive dark clouds have been gathering for some time on the dental industry’s horizon. Too few dentists have noticed, and that leaves them vulnerable to the coming tempest. This is no ordinary storm, and the things have have sheltered dentists from storms past won’t be enough this time. The Very Future of Your Practice is at Risk The Great Recession of 2009 caught almost everyone unprepared. Dentists’ incomes took a hit as ...

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Become One of the Rich Who Get Richer

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Today, I’m going to use a Biblical principle to help you get more and better patients. I’m going to tell you why handsome guys get beautiful girls, smart kids get all the attention and successful dentists get the best patients – in short, I’m going to explain why the rich get richer. Today I want to tell you about what sociologists call the Matthew Effect. Sociologist Robert K. Merton in 1968 originally was describing how the most famous researchers and scientists get credit when equally deserving but less well-known underlings actually do the ...

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