Why Aren’t You Enough for Your Dental Practice?

Do you have days when you feel like you’re on a treadmill? There’s that “running as fast as I can to stay in one place” sensation. You’re seeing 15 or 20 patients a day, you’re working as hard as you can, and you’re not really getting anywhere. Your bank account is hovering around the same figure. You’re not able to increase your retirement savings the way you’d like. You may not be able to give your staff the kind of raises they deserve without scrimping somewhere else. I know from talking with thousands of dentists that feeling like you’re not getting anywhere ...

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Not All Dental Success is Created Equal

Nobody goes into dentistry to fail. Everyone wants to be successful, but one dentist’s success can be another person’s nightmare. For instance, the new dental graduate who has just opened his or her doors should have an initial success “target” of recruiting enough new patients to make the practice profitable and sustainable. Without enough patients and enough profits, no other measure of success applies. That may remain the definition of success for many dentists over the years, but for some it’s just not enough. Some dentists won’t be satisfied until they’re operating ...

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Wrap-around Dental Marketing

The end goal of your dental marketing is to attract and convert new patients, to retain your existing patients, to enhance your online image as the choice for dental patients, and (hopefully) to bury your competitors. Basically, to put more butts in chairs. Picture your marketing as a big wheel, constantly turning to bring each spoke toward and across your existing and desired patients. Those spokes are your website, social media, YouTube, patient emails and/or newsletters, print marketing, public interviews, and any other marketing you do. Your marketing wheel turns to cover the same ...

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Why are Dentists’ Incomes Continuing to Fall?

An article last month in Dentistry Today reported that annual incomes for GP dentists have been declining since 2005. That information is based on the ADA Health Policy Institute’s Survey of Dental Practice. 2014’s average earnings were down over $9100 from 2013’s average of $183,885, and represent a drop of 20 percent from 2005’s peak. The article mentioned “a broad set of factors” beginning in the early 2000s related to the continuing income decline and singled out two: the beginning of a trend toward less demand for adult dental care, and an increase in the number of ...

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Organic Search or Social Media? Investment Decisions for Dentists

It’s the never-ending online debate: should businesses invest their marketing dollars in SEO for search, or for social media ads? According to an article published last year on LinkedIn, both. Which means that the debate will continue to rage. Both SEO and social media are labor-intensive to keep current. SEO has the advantage, though, when it comes to measuring ROI and being able to tweak your marketing for maximum results. Social media works to get your ads in front of a self-selected audience, which is a plus. ROI is difficult to measure. There are a number of good points on ...

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Dental Videos: 4 Essential Qualities for Your “Stars”

There are dental videos, and there are effective dental videos. There are some obvious differences between the two. The quality of the production itself is a deciding factor; poorly lit and poorly shot video with bad sound is a non-starter. But beyond the technical aspects, the real question is, “What kinds of people are you showing?” This question applies to both patient testimonials and your “explainer” educational videos. Here are the 4 qualities that the people in your dental videos must have: 1. They’re regular “Janes” or “Joes.” In other words, ...

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Is Your Dental Staff’s Communication Costing You Patients?

When we think about in-office communication, we usually consider what words we use and the tone of voice we employ. According to a number of experts in the field of communications, those are often the least important parts. Consider this scenario: a staff member says in an even tone, “I’m perfectly fine.” However, you notice that her fists are clenched tightly. Which part of her communication are you going to believe? Or, you’ve just given a staff person detailed instructions and asked him whether he understands. He says, “Yes, I’ve got it” and nods, but his brow ...

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What’s The Last Thing a Dentist Wants to Hear?

One of our SmartBox associates spent some time in advertising agencies, and he shared a tidbit from those experiences. “The last thing any agency wants to hear from potential customers, or particularly from existing customers, is, “I didn’t know you do that!” That’s true for all small businesses. For dentists, the “that” in question might be a dental appliance, a procedure, or emergency walk-in service. It might be offering special incentives or financing arrangements. It might even be offering to speak at a civic organization’s meeting or at a local school. No ...

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Are You a “Legendary” Dentist?

George Herman Ruth Jr., whom you probably know as Babe Ruth, is still considered by many to be the greatest baseball player of all time. You have probably heard about Babe Ruth’s “called shot” in the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs. Ruth, down two strikes in Game 3 of the series, allegedly pointed to the outfield stands before sending the ball out. There’s a great video about the “called shot” that you can find on YouTube at this link: This is an iconic moment that is a legend that may not EVEN BE TRUE! The important thing is that ...

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