There’s A Storm Coming

When you see dark clouds gathering on the horizon, you generally figure there will be a storm soon. And you know that you’d better seek shelter. Four massive dark clouds have been gathering for some time on the dental industry’s horizon. Too few dentists have noticed, and that leaves them vulnerable to the coming tempest. This is no ordinary storm, and the things have have sheltered dentists from storms past won’t be enough this time. The Very Future of Your Practice is at Risk The Great Recession of 2009 caught almost everyone unprepared. Dentists’ incomes took a hit as ...

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Dentists are #1. Are You?

Dentistry is a great profession, and U.S. News & World Report just confirmed it. Again. After falling to number two behind orthodontists last year, dentists have now regained the top spot as the best profession in the magazine’s annual ranking the year’s best jobs. That’s the good news – you’re a part of the best profession in the United States, ranked on: 10-year growth volume and growth percentage; median salary and job prospects; employment rate; and stress level and work-life balance. Are you feeling lucky? If not, why not? Could it be that your 10-year prospects ...

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Those Young, Hungry Dental Grads

According to the ADA News, the number of dental school applicants exceeded the applicants for medical schools between 2000 and 2015. This is good news for the profession, but it may be bad news for you. In response to the increased demand for dental education, and as there are many underserved areas in the U.S., more and more dental schools are opening. That means that the number of new dentists is going to increase over time. That shouldn’t be immediately alarming, but if you’re taking the long view of your success – and you should be – this development can spell trouble for ...

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The Eternal Quest for More Dental Patients

If you’re very fortunate, you have all the dental patients you can handle. And those patients are the kind that stay, pay, and refer. Not only that, but you enjoy the freedom to pursue the cases that really get your motor running, the ones that you absolutely love to do. If you’re not very fortunate, you’re wondering where and how you’re going to get the new dental patients you need to grow your practice and thrive. You’re not alone in wondering about that. Competition is fierce and becoming worse. Dental schools are graduating more new dentists with a lot of debt that ...

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